Industrial, SCADA…

  • SCADA Plastic Rolling Machine, coded using C++ and based on pvbrowser, it’s currently working in a factory using a self-installed touchscreen panel using Debian 7 Wheezy and MODBUS TCP/IP/MODBUS RTU communications controlling a industrial PLC and several weight scaling gauges in a plastic rolling machine. Show me!
  • Prointegra OPC, using C++, is an OPC intended to reuse old closed source SCADA systems under windows NT or XP, as for example,  Monitor Pro (o FactoryLink), with modern PLC via MODBUS TCP/IP (or other protocols supported by pvbrowser). All data will be stored in a MySQL Database and accesed through a Microsoft ODBC. Show me!
  • gStools (Gentooza’s SCADA tools) developed using C, it’s a library of common tools needed in an industrial app development, from data conversion WORD, DINT, REAL… Julian dates, etc. Show me!
  • piResiduos, using C++  and the pvbrowser SCADA framework, it’s a local app for managing input/output materials in garbage transport and treatment stations. It uses some external devices as Scales and plates detection cameras, and synchronize  with a central server via SSH tunneling. Show me!

Social Movements

Tools and Others

  • Embedded system for presentations, using C on a Raspberry PI board. MaimoNides. Show me! , (Spanish) Doc about it.
  • License Header Script, very simple script using BASH for insert automatically the license header in all source files in a project. Show me!
  • QueTalk, developed using C++, QXMPP, QT5.  program is discontinued as I was trying to use it in the now dead Ubuntu Phone platform as a Kontalk client. It’s a fork of QTalk developed by the amazing hacker REI. Show me!

And videogames…Yeeeah

  • Learning Python I gave a try to PyGame, and began a game far away to be one day finished! A clon of Heroes of Might And Magic II, ¡Freedom Fighters of Might And Magic! Show me!
  • Learning how to implement a plugin framework focus when developing C++ applications, I’m doing a Sudokus resolver, It’s a console program which implements custom resolving algorithms as .so plugins. Show me!